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Sheepdata is designed to ease the task of recording information on your sheep enterprise.

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The systems of production on sheep farms  are various, with many aspects specific to individual farms. The new SHEEPdata computer program recognises this diversity by providing versatility and flexibility, without sacrificing the simplicity which is typical of all FARMdata products.

Individual animal records and batches of animals can be maintained within the same flock giving it the facility to cope with almost any system. The SHEEPdata program can be applied to the complete range of sheep enterprises including the monitoring the performance of breeding ewes, rams, store and finishing lambs.

The requirements of the new EID regulations are catered for with links to a number of selected readers. Import and export of data to and from the ScotEID database can also be incorporated.


SHEEPdata helps you keep a detailed record of individual or batches of animals from the time they enter the system until they depart – an essential factor in meeting market demands for traceability. Records of sold and dead animals are maintained in full.


The operation and data recording is simple, easy and fast. Recording can be entered by individual animal or, if preferred, by management groups.

Links to electronic tag readers with the EID module also ensures fast and accurate recording of information.


The program will provide all the reports necessary for the administration of your flock : –

Links to ScotEID

Links to selected EID Readers

List of Ewes, Lambs and Rams

Flock Registers

Movement Book

Medicine Book

Pharmacy records



A large selection of reports include : – 

Flock or Group listings

Schedules for Lambing

Sales Returns

Weighing Reports

User Defined reporting, to  ensure you get the information you need.