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Sheepdata EID Module
£ 50.00
Short description:

Sheepdata EID Module. Links sheepdata with selected EID readers.
(Requires Sheepdata Program)

Product Details

Sheepdata links to selected EID tag readers.

Import lists of tags from simple stick reader to record sales, purchases, movement, etc.

Import lists of tags and actions recorded with them. For sales, purchses, movements, weighing, lambing, scanning, etc.

Compatible readers:-

Royal-Tag I-Read

Tagmaster RS320 Stick Reader

Agrident AWR100/200 Stick Reader

Agrident APR500 Datalogger

BioControl HHR Series Data Logger

Nedap VP5002 Data Logger

Tagmaster 3060 Data Logger

Psion Workabout Pro + Agrident AIR200 Reader