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Honeywell Barcode Scanner
£ 115.00
Short description:

Honeywell Metrologic MK9520 Barcode Scanner

Scan Passports in Cattledata and Dairydata

Product Details

Honeywell Metrologic MK9520 Barcode Scanner

USB connection. No software installation required.

Simply plug in and go.

Used in Cattledata and Dairydata to speed the purchase of animals.

In the purchase occurrence put the cursor in the Scanned ID box and read the barcode on the bottom right corner of the passport.

Fills in Official ID, Date of Birth, Sex and Breed. Takes the last five characters of the Official ID as the Management Number but this can be changed if required. 

Read all the passports in a batch of purchases without touching the keyboard or mouse and then save the batch when finished. 

Can also be used to select animals in the sales routine. 

Will read any barcode so has any number of other uses.