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Right from the very beginning FARMdata has recognised that training is a vital part of the service we offer. Our company can only grow through successful users who get the best out of their systems. To get the best we have always maintained that training on a one-to-one basis at the users premises is ideal. However, we now recognise that many new user are extremely computer competent. To accommodate this all of our Windows packages now come complete with "Quick Start" guides and full manuals. Extensive help files are also available on screen. Using these, the majority of users can get up and running successfully. The telephone Help Line is always available to help with any questions. On-site training can always be provided if required at reasonable cost.

Our training is only carried out by our own staff or a very few selected agents. This ensures that only people with a thorough knowledge of our systems are used.

FARMdata also organises User Days from time to time around the country at which the latest updates are discussed and users get the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions. Notice of these will be sent to members and posted from time to time on this site.