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Payroll administration can be one of the most tiresome and seemingly unproductive tasks in the office. Paydata Simplifies it.

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Simple to operate

In its basic concept the PAYdata system is simple - an extremely easy-to-use method of managing the payroll.

With PAYdata all the records relating to an employee's pay are held on computer, these are updated each pay day by a minimal amount of information. The system takes away the drudgery of searching tables and calculation. The clerical task simply becomes one of entering hours and extraordinary events such as holidays and sickness.

PAYdata has been designed to calculate wages in the same way as the manual system. This averts the need for any complex unfamiliar office routines. Payslips are printed and detailed listing of payments printed for bank transfers, cheque writing or cash calculation. Files can also be produced for import to tele-banking facilities.

The system takes over the calculation of PAYE and National Insurance Contributions using table stored on file. Tax Credits, Student Loan Repayments and Variable Scottish Rates are all included in the program. Any changes to these tables are sent to you by FARMdata as part of the annual "user club" contract. These updates come complete with simple installation instructions.

The system will maintain cumulative totals, so that the production of end-of-year tax documents also becomes an automatic operation. Holiday and sickness records are maintained for individual employees thus giving easy access to these records when required.

Large or Small Units

The PAYdata system is versatile. It can accommodate the smallest farm business right upto multi-departmental operations with hundreds of workers on several payrolls.

The program can stand-alone or link to accountsdata. This removes the task of posting wages details to the ledgers.

The system will run in either the Single-User MSDos/Windows or Multi-User Unix environments.

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