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Test Drive Software

The best way to find out if software will work for you is to try it.

With Farmdata's Test Drive you can try a full version of the program for 60 days.

You will need to register on the site or login to download your Test Drive software. Then, simply click on the Test Drive button in the program details and run the installation routine. This will load the program on your computer and let you run it for 60 days. Quick-Start guides and manuals for all the programs can be found in the support section of this web site.

Contact Farmdata at any time if you have a question or require assistance.

At the end of the 60 day trial it will simply expire and stop working.

You may purchase the software at any time. Farmdata will supply the activation key which will let you continue to use the software without restriction and reactivate it if it has expired. None of your data will have been lost if it is re-activated.

If you wish to remove the program altogether simply do so in the add or remove programs option in your computer's control panel.

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Cattledata constantly monitors the status of individual animals from the time they enter the system until they depart.

Example Booklet

£ 345.00
Cattledata Mobile Module

Download a version of Cattledata to PDA handheld devices operating Windows Mobile. Lookup and record while out and about. 
(Requires Cattledata Program)

£ 125.00

Sheepdata is designed to ease the task of recording information on your sheep enterprise.

Example Booklet

£ 295.00
Sheepdata Mobile Module

Download a version of Sheepdata to PDA devices operating Windows Mobile. Lookup and record while out and about. 
(Requires Sheepdata Program)

£ 125.00

Dairydata is the simple, cost-effective windows program for recording and managing the total milk enterprise.

Example Booklet

£ 495.00

Believe it or  Believe it or not, computerized accounts can be simple and cashdata  proves it .

Example Booklet

£ 250.00
Financial Data

Financialdata is a complete financial management system based on the concepts of traditional cash recording.

Example Booklet

£ 495.00

Payroll administration can be one of the most tiresome and seemingly unproductive tasks in the office. Paydata Simplifies it.

Example Booklet

£ 295.00

CROPdata recognises that there are varied arable enterprises often with aspects specific to one farm. CROPdata offers a simple system to monitor output and performance in an arable enterprise.

Example Booklet

£ 370.00

With the introduction of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones to many areas the recording of nitrogen production and usage is now an essential requirement.

Example Booklet

£ 175.00
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